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Effects of cardiotrophin 1 C-terminal peptides on rats following myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury
Objectives To observe the effect of cardiotrophin 1 C-terminal polypeptides(CT1C) administered pre-and post-ischemia on myocardial injury and oxidative injury after acute ischemia reperfusion in SDExpand
The study on morphological and anatomic observation of Polydora ciliate
The morphological and anatomic characterization of Polydora ciliata was described by the histological and electron microscopy.The purpose of the study was to accumulate more material for the taxonomyExpand
Studies on the embryo and larval development of Polydora latispinosa
The embryo and laval development of Polydora latispinosa inhabiting Anadara uropygimelana was observed by microscopy and described briefly.The purpose of the study was to accumulate more material forExpand
Occurrence Harm and Control of Phenacoccus fraxinus of Lanzhou
Through observating biological characteristics of Phenacoccus fraxinus of lanzhou,the study was car-ried out on its occurrence and harmful characteristics,meawhile,some related experiment wasExpand
Survey of Township Hospital General Practice Training in Jingzhou
Objective:To understand the effect of township hospital general practice training in Jingzhou and to provide evidence to perfect training programs.Method: The questionnaire of 247 participants wasExpand
Correlation Analysis of Loneliness and Depression among College Students
[Objective]To understand the status and correlation of loneliness and depression of college students.[Methods]A total of 141 college students were randomly selected from Yangtze University forExpand
The Radiosensitizing Effects of Grape Seed Procyanidin Extract on Lung Cancer Cell Line SPC-A-1
Objective To study the radiosensitizing effects of grape seed procyanidin extract on lung cancer cell line SPC-A-1 in vitro and try to explore its mechanism.Methods The radiosensitizing effect wasExpand
The Effects of Tourist Activity on Plant Species Diversity and Root System Biomass of Shrubs in Scenic Spots of Wuyi Mountain
By means of research method of the comparative sample investigations, the indexes of plant species diversity, species evenness, species richness, cover degree and root system biomass of shrubs in theExpand
Gentamicin-Chitosan gel for drug delivery system in vitreous of rabbit eyes
Objective:To investigate the retinal toxicity of chitosan and gentamicin- chitosan gel. Methods:Sixteen albino New Zealand rabbits (weighted 1. 5-2.5 kg) were used in this study. The rabbits wereExpand
Comparative Study of Two Chemical Treatment Methods of Copper-containing Plating Wastewater
Now electroplating waste water is one of three major industrial wastewater and has done great harm to human and environment.In this paper,sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide were respectively used toExpand