Zhang Xiao Lan

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The direct conversion receivers have unique advantages in wireless communications owing to their circuit simplicity and the high level of the circuit integration. A novel six-port direct conversion demodulator utilizing anti-parallel diode pair (APDP) detection is presented in this paper. The block diagram of the six-port demodulator is fabricated and the(More)
The error caused by nonline-of-sight (NLOS) is main factor affecting the indoor wireless positioning accuracy. In order to eliminate the NLOS error and improve the positioning accuracy, genetic algorithm, genetic algorithm-Hill Climbing algorithm and genetic algorithm-Bacteria Foraging Optimization algorithm are applied to time difference of arrival (TDOA)(More)
From the perspective of systems engineering, based on comprehensively analyzing the operation risk factors in urban rail transit, an evaluation model of operation risk factors about the urban rail transit was built by combination of the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process. The fuzzy consistent judgment matrix evaluating the operation risk factors was(More)
This paper proposes a modified Multi-peak Value AIA based on nonlinear combination forecasting model. This algorithm has the ability of comprehensive search and the rapid convergence, and with the ability it solves quite well the contradictions between the ultimate convergence and the process dispersivity of the traditional algorithm, making the algorithm(More)
This paper provides an easy way to build 3D college physics virtual experiments based on 3DSMAX by invoking data in 3dsmax software so that the simulation model can be applied to physical demonstration effectively. Although no other advanced experiment can be used for reference, it is a new attempt and opens up a new way of thinking. By this way, there are(More)
The M-ary spread spectrum systems with zero correlation zone (ZCZ) sequences were fabricated and investigated. The results show that the above systems are of stronger anti-multipath interference ability than the Walsh sequences M-ary spread spectrum systems (M-ary SSS). In the case of 2 number of multipath and 0.9 reflecting coefficient, for(More)
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