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This paper proposes a key management mechanism by DH distributed key tree for the DHT network, which is based on the DHT network routing mechanism and network topology structure. The scheme uses the DH algorithm for key agreement, to ensure that the nodes in the DHT network are able to maintain a limited number of keys, and on this basis to complete(More)
This paper discussed a kind of design of vehicle location system based on ARM. The architecture and working theory of this system is introduced in details, and introduces the vehicle location system which uses the ARM microprocessor LPC2129 as a control unit to combinative with GPS LR9548 and GSM TC35 modules. Explores location solution, map—matching(More)
AVS-M audio standard, which targets at wireless network and mobile equipment, is now independently drawn up in China. Its framework is similar to that of AMR-WB+. The performance of AVS-M audio core algorithms is analyzed in this paper. In order to analyze its complexity fixed-point version of AVS-M codec are implemented on DSP platform. At last, a(More)
—The third part of the AVS family, AVS–P3 is an audio coding standard of China own intellectual property. It is drafted according to the requirement of the advanced audio compression technology with high quality and efficiency in the field of DAB, DVB, DSM, ISM and MMC. Codec is implemented on DSP platform. The demo system could capture original audio(More)
Electronic seal system is widely applied in actual business activies, giving the architecture and corresponding signature algorithm of Electronic Seal System based on digital watermark Technology. Discusses the steps respectively for digital signature algorithm and digital watermarking algorithm, and explain the nested with Word document in its practical(More)
Data streaming applications, usually composed of sequential/parallel data processing tasks organized as a workflow, bring new challenges to workflow scheduling and resource allocation in grid environments. Due to the high volumes of data and relatively limited storage capability, resource allocation and data streaming have to be storage aware. Also to(More)
Learning evaluation is an effective way to ensure the quality of online education. However, most of online learning evaluation models are not fully consider the characteristics of online learning. This paper, from the view of the characteristics of online learning, establishes an index system of evaluation of the online learning's effect. Besides, weight of(More)
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