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new hybrid optimization algorithm is proposed for the problem of finding the minimum makespan in the job-shop scheduling environment. The new algorithm is based on the principle of particle swarm optimization (PSO). PSO employs a collaborative population-based search, which combines local search (by self experience) and global search (by neighboring(More)
Cotton is the world’s most important natural textile fiber and a significant oilseed crop. Decoding cotton genomes will provide the ultimate reference and resource for research and utilization of the species. Integration of high-density genetic maps with genomic sequence information will largely accelerate the process of whole-genome assembly in cotton. In(More)
BACKGROUND Breast ductal cancer in situ (DCIS) can recur or progress to invasive ductal cancer (IDC), and the interim stage include DCIS with microinvasion (DCIS-Mi). In this article, we attempt to study the study the differences of clinicopathological features, imaging data, and immunohistochemical-based subtypes among DCIS, DCIS-Mi, and IDC. METHODS In(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have investigated the efficacy of Endostar combined with platinum-based doublet chemotherapy (PBDC) versus PBDC alone for treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This study is a meta-analysis of available evidence. METHODS Fifteen studies reporting Endostar combined with PBDC versus PBDC alone for treating advanced(More)
A multidatabase system is an effective approach to implement data sharing and interoperability among many distributed and heterogeneous data sources. In this paper, a CORBA-based architecture model of multidatabase system is firstly introduced. Then, an XML-oriented common data model, named XIDM, is presented. These models conform well to the(More)
BACKGROUND Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 were investigated as prognostic factors because of their apparent association with tumorigenesis. However, the effect of Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 in lung cancer remains poorly understood. The expressions of Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 in lung cancer and normal lung specimens were examined, and the relationships with(More)
A 60-year-old man began to complain of a mass and pain in the right thigh for 3 months. Since these symptoms steadily progressed, he visited a local hospital in Apr 2008, where he underwent a locality tumorectomy. Histologic examination of the excisional biopsy specimen showed malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) characteristics. The patient refused further(More)