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Objective: An intrusion detection system was constructed on the basis of the characteristics of BP neural network model. Methods: According to the capture engine of the text, all network data stream flowed through the systematic monitoring network segment will be captured, feature extraction module analyze and process the captured network data flow, you can(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of Compound Tongtu Granule (CTG) on intestinal permeability in elderly sepsis patients. METHODS Eighty elderly sepsis patients were randomly assigned to the experimental group and the control group by randomized double blinded method, 40 in each group. On the basis of conventional antiseptic treatment program, patients in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine GJB2 allelic mutant and estimate probability of hereditary hearing loss in newborn with GJB2 heterozygous mutation in Beijing. METHOD We performed genetic testing for sequencing of GJB2 gene for searching GJB2 allelic mutant in 915 newborn who received newborn deafness gene screening (GJB2 c. 235delC, GJB2 c. 299_300delAT, GJB2 c.(More)
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