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OBJECTIVES KLF8 is a member of KLF transcription factors which play an important tolr in oncogenesis. It is barely expressed in normal human epithelial cells but highly overexpressed in several types of human cancer cell lines. In the present study, we investigate the role of KLF8 in oral cancer and the effects of KLF8 knockdown via lentivirus mediated(More)
The meta search engines provide service to the users by dispensing the users’ requests to the existing search engines. The existing search engines selected by meta search engine determine the searching quality. Because the performance of the existing search engines and the users’ requests are changed dynamically, it is not favorable for the fixed search(More)
By analyzing the WWW Cache model, we bring forward a user-interest description method based on the fuzzy theory and user-interest inferential relations based on BP (back propagation) neural network. By this method, the users' interest in the WWW cache can be described and the neural network of users' interest can be constructed by positive spread of(More)
Web search engines are very useful information service tools in the Internet. The current web search engines produce search results relating to the search terms and the actual information collected by them. Since the selections of the search results cannot affect the future ones, they may not cover most people’s interests. In this paper, feedback(More)
With the boom of Networks and Internet, more and more applications have an inherent distributed character. Distributed functional language can support high-level distributed coordination with automatic management of many coordination aspects, due to its features like good abstraction mechanisms, a high-level computation language, and sophisticated type(More)
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