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Homomorphic encryption can be applied to non-interactive evaluation of encrypted functions. The known homomorphism includes homomorphism of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and so on. They are able to encrypt coefficients of polynomial functions, but cannot encrypt exponents so that the skeleton of the encrypted polynomial function is(More)
This paper presents a neural network method to locate common fault exactly in a distribution power system (DPS) with renewable sources. The back propagation (BP) neural network method is applied to identify patterns of voltage and current measured from distribution branches. The input matrix of BP network consists of the voltage and current values, which(More)
Based on the homomorphism of Lee et al, Xiang Guangli et al proposed similar module and implemented encrypting operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division over real number domain. There was additive and multiplicative homomorphism heretofore. But their cipher text leaks the information of decimal fraction, sign and relationship of big(More)
The traditional SSIM haven't considered the limitation of the Human Visual System, which different attention paid to different area in the same picture, and information of the picture itself, leading to the final results are inconsistent between objective and subjective evaluating effects. A new image weighted index, which is regional weighted information(More)
With regards to the fourth stage rocket, upper stage flight time can be up to 48 hours. Volatile space environment leads parameters calibrated in ground do not meet the requirements of the spacecraft precise orbit. In this paper, a real-time on-orbit calibration method of redundant laser gyro inertial measurement unit for space transfer vehicle is proposed.(More)
Plasmid DNA for biopharmaceutical applications is produced easily in Escherichia coli bacteria. The cell lysis is the most crucial step for purification of plasmid DNA. In this paper, we describe a continuous cell alkaline lysis, neutralization, and clarification combination process for production of plasmid pUDK-HGF using hollow fiber ultrafiltration(More)
According to the characteristics of non full measured distribution network, a short circuit current calculation method based on modified power flow algorithm is proposed. It uses measured voltages to initialize the voltages of all nodes and introduces the static voltage characteristic model to decide the power of all loads, through the forward and backward(More)
In this paper,on the basis of combing the relationship between the small and medium-sized tech-based enterprise's innovation project technology source, learning mode and innovation performance, proposed theoretical framework and theoretical assumptions of the relation of triadic relation, has carried on the empirical research using the sample data of(More)
Combining the intelligent algorithm such as BP neural network and support vector maching (SVM) with traditional chemical method, this paper models the relationship between plant surface color and its pigment. Using the neural network model constructed above, people can figure out the content of plant pigments by getting the corresponding plant surface color(More)
Spectral awareness is currently one of the most challenging problems in CR designer. Recent researches in this area have suggested that cyclostationary approach is proposed as an effective method to solve the detection and estimation in spectral awareness. The drawback of this theory is its complexity of digital implementation. This paper specializes four(More)