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Our contribution in this paper is twofold: we first analyze the requirements of a secure distributed authentication system for MANETs, and then survey some of the existing certificate-based authentication mechanisms, by analyzing their features, including pros and cons, in the context of distributed authentication. Finally, a series of scenario-based(More)
In the paper, we designed and built a high efficiency, low cost DC motor controller use with a motorized golf bag. The controller takes user input to control the speed and drives the motor at that speed regardless of load. The speed control is accomplished in an operational amplifier circuit configured for proportional integral control. This provides quick,(More)
In the paper a multi-agent virtual manufacturing system is presented. This system offers a tremendous opportunity for a new kind of communication. The implementation of such a system has been made possible only by the advent of the Internet and distributed programming, increasing the flexibility of the client-server-based approach. The architecture,(More)
In the paper,we created a wireless remote controlled car with a crash detection system. The car moves forward/reverse, left/right, and stops as the user desires. The user can also accelerate/decelerate using a joystick. The design allows for easy control of the toy car, and the ultrasonic sensors attached to the car body prevents any possible crashes into(More)
There is much experience from years of on-line learning in electrical and electronics laboratory of Henan polytechnic university in the paper. Firstly we point out a series of serious problems in the way this yet-evolving means of learning. Problems include poor course-design and pedagogy; human limitations, both physical and cognitive, in learning(More)
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