Zhang Tao

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Considering the features of UAV (unmanned air vehicle) networking in near-space, such as low network performance, ineffective communication capability of UAV clusters and the difficulty to manage UAV while it is out of sight, this paper proposes a space-Earth-based integrated - "Calculate on the ground, Adjust in the space" thought to design a "clustering(More)
Unlike traditional routing schemes that route all traffic along a single path, multipath routing strategies split the traffic among several paths in order to ease congestion. It has been widely recognized that multipath routing can be fundamentally more efficient than the traditional approach of routing along single paths. Yet, most studies in the context(More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), risk factors, and comorbidity rates of Chinese outpatients in Lanzhou general hospitals are unknown. METHOD The prevalence rate of OCD was estimated in a representative sample of outpatients in three classes of general hospitals in Lanzhou, China. The rate of OCD within the sample, which(More)
This paper focuses on support vector machines (SVMs) with radial basis function (RBF) kernels to solve the large-scale classification problems. We decompose a large-scale learning problem into multiple two-class problems with the one-verse-all decomposition technique, and then propose an adoptively clustering method. An initial support vector (SV) coincides(More)
Mobile satellite networks can augment terrestrial wireless networks to provide global services to users regardless of their location. However, traffic on inter-satellite links changes with the satellite's mobility and the communication, especial quality of service (QoS) guarantee, becomes difficultly, since the change may cause violation of QoS requirements(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a mathematical approach to support the decision making of distribution center location. We use the LP model to decide the (distribution center) DC's capacity and location with the consideration of delivery time. We find that the time cost effects decision of distribution center location significantly and suggest that(More)
This study proposes a new inventory model of deteriorating items with price reduction and backlog. In this paper, both pricing and backlog are considered. It proposes the solution procedure for the new model, and conducts one numerical example to verify the effectiveness of the new inventory model. Finally, it provides some potential issues for future(More)
Information Network Communications Group has introduced virtual services to seize the market, the communication channel resources appear uneven conflict. Based on characteristics of complex systems provide virtual network services when the information network of the Group , with the structural model and Multi-Agent ontology descriptions , give full play to(More)
At present, non-stationary signals can be often found in the fault signal of the motor, when conducting the diagnosis and analysis of common fault for various types of asynchronous electrical equipment that is widely used in various fields. It will produce a higher rate of misjudgment if we use the Fourier analysis which is a traditional method. Therefore,(More)