Zhang Tao

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A service-oriented architecture (SOA) will allow organizations to enhance interoperability and encourage reuse of components and interfaces. Describing SOA is critical in the development of Web-based system. In this paper, an approach for describing SOA is proposed by comparing with several existing ADL. The requirements for describing SOA are highlighted(More)
In this paper, we describe the main courses of object-oriented software engineering, analyze the necessity of bilingual teaching and explain in detail the teaching plan and strategy of object-oriented software engineering. Finally, we, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of this bilingual teaching course. We conclude that practice has proved the(More)
Considering the features of UAV (unmanned air vehicle) networking in near-space, such as low network performance, ineffective communication capability of UAV clusters and the difficulty to manage UAV while it is out of sight, this paper proposes a space-Earth-based integrated - "Calculate on the ground, Adjust in the space" thought to design a "clustering(More)
Unlike traditional routing schemes that route all traffic along a single path, multipath routing strategies split the traffic among several paths in order to ease congestion. It has been widely recognized that multipath routing can be fundamentally more efficient than the traditional approach of routing along single paths. Yet, most studies in the context(More)
Heat-pipe photovoltaic/thermal (HP-PV/T) systems can simultaneously provide electrical and thermal energy. Compared with traditional water-type photovoltaic/thermal systems, HP-PV/T systems can be used in cold regions without being frozen with the aid of a carefully selected heat-pipe working fluid. The current research presents a detailed simulation model(More)
  • Zhang Tao
  • 2009
For composite girder bridges, thermal effects could not be ignored which is significant when compared to dead or live load effects. Temperature distributions involved in concrete bridges and composite girder bridges are at best different due to dissimilar material properties and cross sections. This paper presents the characteristics of the temperature(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) is frequently associated with intractable focal epilepsy. Epileptogenicity is usually attributed to the hemosiderin deposits. Extent of resection is a crucial issue for achieving good seizure outcome. AIM To assess whether seizure outcome is related to the extended resection (ER) of surrounding hemosiderin(More)
In order to solve the poor performance of location in RSSI localization Algorithm, caused by the link between anchor nodes and node to be positioning, this paper presents a positioning algorithm, which chooses anchor nodes based on Link quality Select strategy (LS) in a wireless sensor network. The method combines LS which plays a key role in localization(More)
AVS-M audio standard, which targets at wireless network and mobile equipment, is now independently drawn up in China. Its framework is similar to that of AMR-WB+. The performance of AVS-M audio core algorithms is analyzed in this paper. In order to analyze its complexity fixed-point version of AVS-M codec are implemented on DSP platform. At last, a(More)