Zhang Tao

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Heat-pipe photovoltaic/thermal (HP-PV/T) systems can simultaneously provide electrical and thermal energy. Compared with traditional water-type photovoltaic/thermal systems, HP-PV/T systems can be used in cold regions without being frozen with the aid of a carefully selected heat-pipe working fluid. The current research presents a detailed simulation model(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) is frequently associated with intractable focal epilepsy. Epileptogenicity is usually attributed to the hemosiderin deposits. Extent of resection is a crucial issue for achieving good seizure outcome. AIM To assess whether seizure outcome is related to the extended resection (ER) of surrounding hemosiderin(More)
  • REN Wei, ZHANG Tao, ZHANG Hai-yun, WANG Lei-gang, ZHOU Yong-jie, LUAN Meng-kai +2 others
  • 2013
MEMS inertial sensors are small size, low cost, low power consuming, mass-production capability and silicon-based sensors. With improved accuracy gradually, their application field has been expanded greatly, especially in the consumer-grade navigation system [1]. However, due to the limitation of MEMS technology, the accuracy of MEMS inertial sensors is(More)
INTRODUCTION The prevalence of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), risk factors, and comorbidity rates of Chinese outpatients in Lanzhou general hospitals are unknown. METHOD The prevalence rate of OCD was estimated in a representative sample of outpatients in three classes of general hospitals in Lanzhou, China. The rate of OCD within the sample, which(More)
In order to analyze the association of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the MyoG and Myf5 genes with chicken growth traits, PCR-SSCP approach was used to detect the (SNPs). The general linear model was used to analyze gene interaction and genetic effects between different genotypes and growth traits of the Jinghai yellow chicken. For the MyoG gene,(More)
—According to the analysis of the effect of the texture complexity on steganalysis, we propose a data hiding algorithm based on texture complexity and difference pixel value. Firstly, the image is decomposed into blocks, after which the texture complexity of each block is calculated and blocks with high complexity are selected. Then the different pixel(More)
The beam is an important component in agantry machining center, and its deformation is believed to have asignificant impact on both the machining accuracyandthe machining performance. In this research, the finite element models of a complete gantry machining center and the crossbeam are established, in whichthe restraint and boundary conditions for the(More)
The small intestine has been considered inaccessible for a long term. The development of single-balloon endoscopy has greatly improved the diagnosis and treatment possibilities for small intestinal diseases.In this study, we aimed to explore the demographic characteristics and small intestinal diseases of patients who underwent single-balloon enteroscopy(More)