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BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVE Fluoroquinolone has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity, and is widely used for gonorrhoea treatment. However, its efficacy can be compromised by the drug-resistance property of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolates. Most resistant cases of N. gonorrhoeae are associated with mutations in the quinolone-resistance-determining-region(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM) is frequently associated with intractable focal epilepsy. Epileptogenicity is usually attributed to the hemosiderin deposits. Extent of resection is a crucial issue for achieving good seizure outcome. AIM To assess whether seizure outcome is related to the extended resection (ER) of surrounding hemosiderin(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cervical corpectomy with preserved posterior vertebral wall (CPW) had been performed by the senior author (Y.W.) since 1999. A prospective study had been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of CPW since 2001. OBJECTIVE To validate the clinical outcome of CPW against conventional corpectomy (CC). SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Anterior surgical(More)
PURPOSE Hoxd-13, as one of the most posterior genes among Hox genes, was reported to play a critical role in the development of the most posterior alimentary canal in vertebrates. This study investigated the expression pattern of Hoxd-13 in the hindgut development of the normal and ethylenethiourea (ETU)-exposed rat embryos with anorectal malformations(More)
As an active topic in pattern recognition, the graph spectral is applied in clustering and segmentation. But issues in the analysis to image, especially the texture image, could not been retrieved till now. In this paper, we present a novel texture analysis method, which introduces graph spectral theory into the field of texture image analysis. At first,(More)
A service-oriented architecture (SOA) will allow organizations to enhance interoperability and encourage reuse of components and interfaces. Describing SOA is critical in the development of Web-based system. In this paper, an approach for describing SOA is proposed by comparing with several existing ADL. The requirements for describing SOA are highlighted(More)
In this paper, we describe the main courses of object-oriented software engineering, analyze the necessity of bilingual teaching and explain in detail the teaching plan and strategy of object-oriented software engineering. Finally, we, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of this bilingual teaching course. We conclude that practice has proved the(More)
The neointimal coverage in patients with coronary artery aneurysms (CAA) formation after drug eluting stent (DES) implantation is not clear. Total of 175 patients who had been implanted DES were identified. Patients were divided into the CAA group (n = 31) and non-CAA group (n = 144) based on the results of the coronary angiography. The cardiac events(More)