Zhang-Shu Xiao

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Image fusion combines several images of same object or scene so that the final output image contains more information. In this paper many advanced pixel level fusion techniques like Kekre's wavelet transform, DCT Kekre's wavelet transform, Hadamard Kekre's wavelet transform, Walsh Kekre's wavelet transform techniques for image fusion are(More)
In recent years, medical image fusion is extensively used to help doctors improve the accuracy of medical diagnosis by combining multimodality images acquired under different imaging conditions into a single one. Most of the previous methods aim at attaining information as many as possible from source images. However, some of the exacted information is not(More)
In multi-resolution analysis of images, the total structures are characterized by the approximate component, and the specific features such as lines, edges and contours are contained in the detail components. This paper proposes a fusion scheme to combine the structure information which represents the background of the source images and the directive(More)
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