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The utility of matK gene in the phylogenetic analysis of the genus Magnolia
A phylogenetic analysis of the Magnoliaceae was performed based on sequence data of the chloroplast matK gene in 57 species representing 11 genera. The results show that (1) the genus Magnolia mightExpand
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Chromosome numbers of 13 taxa and 12 crossing combinations in Magnoliaceae
Chromosome numbers of 13 taxa and 12 crossing combinations in the Magnoliaceae are reported. The counts of 12 taxa are reported for the first time. The intergeneric crossing combination betweenExpand
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In situ Hybridization and Its Application in Studies on Oryza
In situ hybridization is one of the most promising methods to identify certain genetic markers on individual chromosomes. To trace the structural evolution course in the genus Oryza, some genes andExpand
Microsporogenesis and Male Gametophyte Formation of Woonyoungia septentrionalis(Dandy) Law
The formation of microspore,development of male gametophyte and germination rate of pollen grains in Woonyoungia septentrionalis (Dandy) Law were observed by serial paraffin section technique andExpand
The Species and Landscaping Utilization Characteristics of Jacobinia Magnifica in Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden
Based on the data and insite investigation,the species and characteristics on landscaping utilization of jacobinia magnifica in Shenzhen Fairylake Botanical Garden were summarized.The results showedExpand