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Consensus Map of the QTL Relevant to Drought Tolerance of Maize Under Drought Conditions
Discovery of drought tolerant genes and their closely linked markers could provide useful information for setting molecular breeding strategy. In this paper, QTL relevant to drought tolerance inExpand
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The Genetic Diversity Among 27 Maize Populations Based on SSR Data
【Objective】 In this study,the genetic diversity and relationship among 27 maize(Zea mays L.) populations were analyzed based on the data of SSRs.【Method】Four bulk DNA samples for each population wereExpand
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Germplasm Development and Commercial Maize Breeding Strategy
Germplasm enhancement,improvement and development found the bases of maize breeding program,which aims at the promotion of development of lines and hybrids.Molecular marker assisted selectionExpand
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Genetic Variation of Inbred Lines of Maize Detected by SSR Markers
Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) were used to detect genetic variation among 21 maize(Zea mays L. ) inbred lines. Forty-three SSR primers selected from 69 primers gave stable amplification profiles,Expand
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Revelation and Challenges on Maize Breeding Strategy Revealed by Hybrid Zhengdan 958
Balance between yield potential and yield stability,and minimizing the gap between genetic and realized yields are the basic consideration of breeding efforts for commericial maizeExpand
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Molecular Markers Assisted Selection to Quality Protein Maize
The molecular markers on quality protein maize(QPM)were reviewed in the article,and the strategy for marker-assisted selection in QPM breeding was proposed.The lysine content and the SSR profile of aExpand
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Genetic Variation in Fifty-Three Maize Inbred Lines in Relation to Drought Tolerance at Seedling Stage
【Objective】Drought is a potential major constraint to maize stable production. Identification of drought-tolerant germplasms in seedling stage is an efficient way to exploit useful genes【.Method】InExpand
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Contributions of genetic improvements to yields of maize hybrids during different eras in North China.
【Objective】 To make a survey of the advances of maize breeding efforts in north China and find the strategies to continuously improve the yields of maize hybrids in the future,the regression of maizeExpand
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