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To investigate whether the mesoporous bioactive glass (MBG) exerts any in vitro bioactivity on rat osteoblasts and the potential regulatory mechanism of this bioactivity. Rat osteoblasts were incubated in the presence and absence (control) of ionic dissolution product of MBG in minimal essential medium. The osteoblast proliferation and differentiation were(More)
A multiplex PCR (m-PCR) with primers targeting the 16S rRNA, Rv3873 and a 12.7-kb fragment in the genomes of a Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex was designed for the differential diagnosis of M. tuberculosis, M. bovis, M. bovis BCG and non-tuberculosis Mycobacterium (NTM). The specificity of this assay was 100%, and the detection limit was 15 pg of genomic(More)
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