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Environmental challenges to plants typically entail retardation of vegetative growth and delay or cessation of flowering. Here we report a link between the flowering time regulator, GIGANTEA (GI), and adaptation to salt stress that is mechanistically based on GI degradation under saline conditions, thus retarding flowering. GI, a switch in photoperiodicity(More)
We experimentally demonstrate Tx DSP-free 112-Gbit/s PAM-4 transmission over 20 km SMF using commercially available 1298 nm 25-GHz TOSA and ROSA devices. Superior performance is achieved by using timing recovery supported DSP at the receiver.
Road information is useful in many fields. In this paper, a real-time mapping system is presented to acquire the image and determine the geometry of the road. These include designs of platform and instruments, data transmission, processing and archiving. Compare with the traditional platforms, the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) platforms offer greater(More)
In this article, two-person zero-sum games are investigated in the fuzzy environment. Several models constructed by Maeda in the symmetrical fuzzy environment are extended to the models in the asymmetric fuzzy environment. The existence of equilibrium strategies for these extended models is proposed in the asymmetric fuzzy environment. However, in some(More)
Core lysimeters containing undisturbed coarse sandy soil (from grassland) were amended with a high rate of anaerobically digested sewage sludge (equivalent to >1,000 t ha−1). Water, at a rate equivalent to the mean weekly rainfall for the soil, was applied to amended and control lysimeters for 30 weeks and the leachate analysed for anions and cations.(More)
Clustering solution is the most widely used layer-structure in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) nowadays. This paper presents a concise trust-related and energy-concerned distributed MANET clustering protocol-TEDMC, which selects cluster heads according to their trust values and residual energy. TEDMC effectively extends the message of HELLO and needn¿t any(More)
This paper proposes a novel method for facial expression recognition by using independent component analysis of Gabor features. In the feature extraction stage, Gabor feature vectors are firstly extracted from a set of facial expressions images, then using independent component analysis (ICA) to extract the independent Gabor features. After that, the(More)
To estimate the number of peaks and to find the individual peak positions in an overlapped signal, a new method called maximum spectrum of continuous wavelet transform (MSCWT) was developed by extracting the maximum coefficients of continuous wavelet transform (CWT). The peak position in MSCWT was the same as that in its original signal. In this process,(More)
Based on the conventional fuzzy excitation controller, to the membership grade's function of input and output and the selection of quantification factor in the design process of generator's excitation controller (GEC), the paper introduces the real coding genetic algorithm (GA) to the optimization of fuzzy factor and designs the fuzzy generator's excitation(More)
The technology of storage virtualization is widely used all around the world. The network-based virtualization is an essential tendency of storage systems. According to the analysis, we find that there are some security problems in network-based virtualization. We propose a secure model of storage virtualization based on trusted computing which introduces(More)