Zhang Ping-chuan

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Passive radar is a kind of that without its own transmitter and receive the thermal emission energy of an object or its source of microwave energy reflected from the radar to detect targets. The widely distributed GSM base station signals have GMSK frequency modulation characteristics, these signals can be used as a passive radar radiation source for its(More)
Passive sensor is an essential receiver-only sensor that usually dissociates the receiving system at different location from the illuminator. This paper investigated a new passive sensor system, the antenna was an 8-element microchip phased array and the non-cooperative illuminator was downlink signals radiated from GSM base station. The digital beam(More)
In this paper, we focus on the flat fading problem. The FH signal transmitted through a flat fading channel is analyzed. Then we investigate the application of the time-frequency based techniques in the detection of the faded FH signals without the use of diversity techniques. Time-frequency analysis based on SPW(Smoothed Pseudo WVD) method is introduced to(More)
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