Zhang Luo Xin

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In this paper, a new image encryption algorithm is presented based on Henon chaotic system in order to meet the requirements of secure image transfer. Shuffling the positions and changing the grey values of image pixels are combined to shuffle the relationship between the cipher-image and the original-image. First, the Arnold cat map is used to shuffle the(More)
Artificial ant colony algorithm is new in the evolution computing. The primary study shows it is a better algorithm with robust based population, but it has some shortcomings such as its slow computing speed, and it is easy to fall in local peak in large scale problem. To overcome these deficiencies, an improved ant colony algorithm is designed through(More)
Information security risk can be measured by probability of the potential risk incident and its impact. Various quantitative methodologies are given to compute information security risks, but among the existed research, seldom of them considered the difficulties of obtaining data of risk probability and risk impact. Considering the efficiency and(More)
Cloud computing is considered to be the next generation of information technology framework. It is the next generation computing platforms that can provide dynamic resource pools, virtualization and high availability. The new character brings a lot of new security challenges which have not been taken into account completely in the current cloud computing(More)
The increasing number of XML repositories has stimulated the design of systems that can store and query XML data efficiently. OrientX, a native XML database system, is designed to meet this requirement. Compared with other native XML databases, OrientX has two main features: First, XML schema is fully supported in OrientX, because schema has been proved to(More)
Teaching website building is an important aspect in the excellent course construction. Teaching website building of provincial excellent course-single chip microcomputer principle and application utilizes fully network teaching platform and emphasizes equally on teaching and learning in overall design, which embodies teaching target, learner(More)
We propose an approach to accurately identify the traffic generaed by P2P-TV applications. This approach only relies on accounting packet size distribution (PSD) of the P2P-TV application during small time-windows. The rationale is that the packet size distributions of P2P-TV applications are different from each other. Based on the statistic, we make use of(More)
The hole-free triangular mesh model is prerequisite for many applications. A new method of hole-filling is presented in this paper. Firstly, the hole-polygons were extracted with Mean Shift approach to obtain the set of their neighboring vertices which have similar geometry property to the holes. Then the constraint Delaunay triangulation method was(More)
Conventional methods for rendering natural scenes have been limited to studying the atmospheric scattering effects illuminated by direct sunlight and rendering scattering of point light source based on hardware techniques. These methods cannot be appropriately applied to simulating specific rain and fog scenes, still require significant running times, and(More)