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Genome-wide association studies of 14 agronomic traits in rice landraces
This study identifies ∼3.6 million SNPs by sequencing 517 rice landraces and constructed a high-density haplotype map of the rice genome using a novel data-imputation method, demonstrating that an approach integrating second-generation genome sequencing and GWAS can be used as a powerful complementary strategy to classical biparental cross-mapping for dissecting complex traits in rice. Expand
QTL analysis of floral traits of rice (Oryza Sativa L.) under well-watered and drought stress conditions
Few QTLs were detected under both water stress and non-stress conditions, indicating that drought had severe impact on the genetic behaviors of both spikelet number and stigma exsertion. Expand
Analysis of genetic diversity and construction of core collection of local mulberry varieties from Shanxi Province based on ISSR marker
The result of t-test to the parameters (the number effective of alleles, Nei's genetic diversity index and Shannon's information index) showed that there was not significant difference between the core collection and initial sample with the exception of the number of observed alleles. Expand
Metabolic regulation and genetic engineering of pharmaceutical component tanshinone biosynthesis in Salvia miltiorrhiza.
Tanshinones, one class of lipid-soluble diterpene quinones from S. miltiorrhiza, were found to exhibit various pharmacological activities such as anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Expand
It is well known that plants with long leaf lifespans are found to grow mostly in habitats where nutrient availability is low and/or water is limited, while plants with short leaf lifespans usuallyExpand
Genetic relatedness among cultivated and wild mulberry (Moraceae: Morus) as revealed by inter-simple sequence repeat analysis in China
The genetic diversity of 27 mulberries genotypes mainly from China was investigated using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers to assist in addressing breeding objectives and conserving existing genetic resources, indicating considerable genetic variation among the mulberry genotypes studied. Expand
Expression and Purification of a Dehydrin Gene of Wheat and Preparation of Its Antibody
The fusionprotein was used to induce the production of polyclonal antibody in rabbits and ELISA detection showed the antigenicity of the fusion protein was satisfactory, andWestern blot showed the antiserum raised against the recombination dehydrin protein in rabbits could react to the protein expressed specifically and demonstrated its good antigenicity. Expand
Rhizosphere effect of three halophytes in the Yellow River Delta on nitrogen and phosphorus.
Rhizosphere effect of Tamarix chinensis Lour,Suaeda salsa Pall. and Imperata cylindrica Beauv. in the Yellow River Delta on nitrogen and phosphorus in rhizosphere was compared,and the differencesExpand
Advances in studies on Ranae Oviductus
Ranae Oviductus has many pharmacological actions, such as enhancement of immune and stress performance,antioxidant and anti-aging, blood fat regulation, the effect of growth and sexual function, anti-hypoxia andAnti-anxiety,anti-fatigue,antitussive expectoration and ataxia regulation etc. Expand
Primary Mapping of QTL for Dehydration Rate of Maize Kernel after Physiological Maturing
It was concluded that these QTLs would have the greatest potential value for marker assisted selection for high kernel dehydration rate of maize after physiological maturing. Expand