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Isolation and molecular biological analyses of genomic DNAs from fungi using benzyl chloride
Genomic DNAs of Rhizopus chinensis Rc1 andRhizopus arrhizus Ra1 were extracted and isolated from their integrated cells and from the mycelial powder of Aspergillus ficuum AS3.324 with high yield and little contamination of protein or other organic components.
Application History of Ginger Juice as a Processing Material
The effects of Herbal Medicine processing with ginger juice, and the application history of ginger juice in ancient Materia Medica are inductive and useful information for the modern processing excipient ginger juice is provided.
Study on Effect of Surfactants on Biodegradation of Petroleum with Petroleum-Degrading Bacterial Strains
Four bacterial strains capable of effectively degrading petroleum had been isolated from Liaohe oil field. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of surfactants on biodegradation of
Inhibition of α-Glucoside of Mitragyna rotundifolia Kuntze.
The inhibitory activities of α-glucosidase of leaves,barks extracts and compounds from Mitragyna rotundifolia Kuntze.were screened in vitro for the first time,and the results were compared with
Study of Chemical Constituents of Alpinia Katsumadai Hayata by GC-MS
The chemical constituents of Alpinia katsumadai hayata were extracted with ether by Sexhet and the chemical constituents was analyzed by GC-MS.The relative contents of the components were
Photochemical degradation of crude oil in seawater
Photochemical degradation of crude oil in seawater is an important issue in marine environmental protection and is studied in this work. Results showed that petroleum hydrocarbons could be
Study on the antioxidant activity and structure-activity relationship of forsythiaside
OBJECTIVE The scavenging effects of the chlorogenic acid and forsythiaside on activated oxygen(HO·,H 2O 2,O·-2) were studied,and the relationships of structure activity were discussed.METHODS o
Evaluation of molluscicidal activities of benzo(c)phenanthridine alkaloids from Macleaya cordata (Willd) R. Br. on snail hosts of Schistosoma japonicum
The results indicated that BTA from M. cordata was a potent molluscicide, since it exhibited highmolluscicidal activity and was easy to be produced from the plant with low-cost.