Zhang Laibin

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The process of gas dispersion is very complex, especially the gas of well blowout. Safety design and scale-up of these systems requires a through understanding of gas diffusion patterns and affected area. This paper provides a brief review of current techniques in numerical simulation of gas diffusion. The effects of inlet, outlet and boundary conditions(More)
Feature reduction is a key step of Pattern Recognition. In this paper, a new feature reduction method is presented integrated with distance measure and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD). Firstly, feature sensitivity is put forward to distinguish the different classes, namely the different mechanic faults and defined as the ratio of within-class distance to(More)
With regards to the characteristics of work conditions on oil pipeline, such as complicated changes, lack of prior knowledge and difficult classification, simulated annealing K-means clustering algorithm are proposed. Samples, which include various work condition changes of oil pipeline, are selected from pressure data collected in field. In order to(More)
An improved HAZOP modeling and reasoning approach for machine safety assessment based on fuzzy information fusion is proposed in this paper to solve the problems of the quantitative information loss and the safety decision-making difficulty in mechanical system existing multi-hazard sources. HAZOP graph analysis model is established to extract the(More)
It is well known that the work condition of pipeline, the leak included, can be identified by a pressure signal analysis. Because of the high frequency data collection and always on-line pipeline leak detection, the pressure signal brings up massive data. A methodology for pipeline leak detection using data mining technology and work condition(More)
Fault diagnosis commonly only carries out the recognition between the fault and the normal states not include the different states classification of the same fault, which is a problem of the fuzzy degradation process. PCA for rotating machinery the early fault feature extraction and the application of FCM for different fault states recognition are mainly(More)
In this paper, a novel and effective NDT method named Intense Magnetic Memory (IMM) was introduced to inspect transmission pipeline, which can provide early indications of residual stress status and eventual failure in pipeline. An experimental system was set up and the abnormal signals obtained from pipeline specimens were decomposed by wavelet transform(More)
Refinery production is a continuous, complex process. The equipment failures often cause a chain reaction and enormous losses. In order to identify all kinds of risks existing in the refining process, a risk analysis method of refining equipment based on fuzzy theory and bow-tie model is developed. A bow-tie model is built to analyze risk factors and risk(More)
Because of kinds of regulating commands, Oil and gas pipelines in operation can occasionally generate a series of conditions consisting of stopping transportation, starting transportation, distribution, increment, internal pump regulation of single station or multi-stations, as well as valve opening-adjustment. These normal conditions together with the(More)
At present, offshore drilling operations often use buttress thread casing as surface casing. The design conception of buttress thread casing is comes from the offshore drilling’s demands and this kind of casing is mainly used as surface casing. This paper has taken strength experiment, numerical simulation analysis and field test, the research(More)