Zhang Ke Min

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Three experiments investigated the effects of switching from a nontiming task (addition of rapidly presented digits) to estimation of the duration of short tones or visual stimuli (Experiments 1 and 2), or the production of time intervals (Experiment 3). In general, compared with trials without a task-switch, trials involving a switch resulted in shorter(More)
BACKGROUND Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 were investigated as prognostic factors because of their apparent association with tumorigenesis. However, the effect of Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 in lung cancer remains poorly understood. The expressions of Hsp90-beta and annexin A1 in lung cancer and normal lung specimens were examined, and the relationships with(More)
BACKGROUND Leukemia, a heterogeneous clonal disorder of hematopoietic progenitor cells, presents a world-wide health problem, especially in childhood. F1F0 ATPase, an inner mitochondrial enzyme, is expressed on the plasma membrane of tumor cells, and its inhibition induces both anti-angiogenic and anti-tumorigenic activity. METHODS Monoclonal Antibody(More)
The Ramsey number R(C n , Km) is the smallest integer p such that any graph G on p vertices either contains a cycle C n with length n or contains an independent set with order m. In this paper we prove that R(C n , K 4) = 3(n-1) + 1 (n ~ 4). We shall only consider graphs without multiple edges or loops. The Ramsey number R(Cn,K m) is the smallest integer p(More)