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Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion (CCH) increases the risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) through several biologically plausible pathways, but the relationship between CCH and the development of AD remains uncertain. To investigate expression of APP, BACE1 and A beta in the hippocampus of BCCAO rats and study pathophysiological mechanism of AD from CCH. CCH rat(More)
Filter bank is the most common feature being employed in the research of the marginalisation approaches for robust speech recognition due to its simplicity in detecting the unreliable data in the frequency domain. In this paper, we propose a hybrid approach based on the marginalisation and the soft decision techniques that make use of the Mel-frequency(More)
  • Andrew Sheng, Xiao Geng, Wang Yuan, Hong Kong, Futures Commission, Hong Xiao Kong +11 others
  • 2006
† Editor's note: A different concept of " original sin " is popular in the trade literature. There, " original sin " refers to cases of one country borrowing in another's currency. For example, see Barry Eichengreen and Ricardo Hausmann (1999), "Exchange Rates and Financial Fragility," NBER Working Paper 7418. Abstract The phenomenon associated with private(More)
DAC is an important module within the SAR ADC, innovation design on DAC structure to ensure the accuracy of components is the key component to improve the performance of SAR ADC. Based on the comprehensive analysis on some kinds of DAC structures used in SAR ADC, the traditional structure of the resistance and capacitance structures was optimized and two(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the study was to elucidate the efficacy of laparoscopy and endoscopy in the treatment of fusiform choledochal cysts (CDC). MATERIALS AND METHODS Between June 2006 and June 2012, 18 patients with fusiform CDC were treated in our hospital. All the 18 patients presented abdominal pain, and 13 presented jaundice. 18 patients presented(More)
BACKGROUNDS Splenomegaly may contribute to hypersplenism and can result in thrombocytopenia. Many approaches are used to treat splenomegaly; however, the current management of splenomegaly has intrinsic limitations or disadvantages. Now, we initiate a new approach, that of total splenic vessel (artery and vein) ligations (TSVLs) in paediatric patients with(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study is to determine whether singleport laparoscopic repair (SLR) for incarcerated inguinal hernia in children is superior toconventional repair (CR) approaches. METHOD Between March 2013 and September 2013, 126 infants and children treatedwere retrospectively reviewed. All the patients were divided into three groups. Group A(More)
Taking daily return of international crude oil spot and futures as sample, this paper analyzed the time varying and asymmetric dependence structure of them by time varying Copula-GARCH model based on sliding window and semi parameter estimation. This paper analyzed the changing regular between dependence structure of crude oil spot and futures and the(More)
Based on our field investigations of landslide hazards in the Wenchuan earthquake, some findings can be reported: (1) the multi-aspect terrain facing empty isolated mountains and thin ridges reacted intensely to the earthquake and was seriously damaged; (2) the slope angles of most landslides was larger than 45°. Considering the above disaster phenomena,(More)