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Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion (CCH) increases the risk of Alzheimer disease (AD) through several biologically plausible pathways, but the relationship between CCH and the development of AD remains uncertain. To investigate expression of APP, BACE1 and A beta in the hippocampus of BCCAO rats and study pathophysiological mechanism of AD from CCH. CCH rat(More)
Currently, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) is developing a promising new surveillance technology Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) in western China, with the aim of resolving the lack of surveillance methods there caused by the complex terrain and costly maintenance. By virtue of ADS-B technology, more timely, accuracy and(More)
In this study, a chaotic analysis approach was applied to a time series composed of seismic moment of events occurred in mine of Dong Gaussian copper mine subordinate to Tong Ling Nonferrous Metals Group Co. In Anhui province, China. The chaotic attractor dimension and the largest Lyapunov index were put forward to determine whether the seismic flow of rock(More)
Filter bank is the most common feature being employed in the research of the marginalisation approaches for robust speech recognition due to its simplicity in detecting the unreliable data in the frequency domain. In this paper, we propose a hybrid approach based on the marginalisation and the soft decision techniques that make use of the Mel-frequency(More)
For realizability and real-time processing consideration, a novel vehicle classification method is proposed for heavy traffic flow multi-lanes roads, which can classify vehicles into cars, trucks and buses. In order to monitor two lanes, our system uses three cameras which are mounted overhead of the road and look down the road at an angle of about 60(More)
Broadcast is very important for delivering messages in wireless sensor networks. Reducing redundant retransmission to save network resource is a critical problem for broadcast. In this paper, a broadcast method basing on connected domination set and network coding is proposed. The simulation results show that the method can reduce the retransmission and(More)
This paper introduced the concept of Graphic Resources Integration based on Google Maps. At the same time, it also specifically elaborated on the use of Google Maps API to develop integrated resource management systems. This approach use of Google Maps application programming interface, combine GPS technology, with B/S flexibility to Real-time, vividly, and(More)
A new algorithm is proposed to forward packet when greedy forwarding fails. The concept of virtual destination is introduced and virtual destination based geographic routing protocol is brought forth. The protocol only uses greedy scheme which is different from existing geographic routing protocols which use greedy scheme and face algorithm. We evaluate our(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a novel evolutionary algorithm which has a better convergence rate and computation precision compared with other evolutionary algorithms. From the perspective of optimization, the self-tuning of PID controller parameters is to find the best global optimum value in the solution space of Kp, Ki, Kd. In this paper an(More)
Text in video is a compact but effective clue for video indexing and summarization. In this paper, we propose an edge-based video text extraction approach with low computation, which can automatically detect and extract text from complex video frames. We first detect the edge maps of both an intensity image and its binarized image, and merge the two into(More)