Zhang Jun Hu

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The sorption of copper ions onto natural bamboo sawdust with cellulose-lignin polymeric structure strongly depends on pH. The adsorption capacity for copper ions increases as increasing pH and copper loadings. The fitting of copper pH boundary curve by NEM surface complexation models shows that: three-sites model including the ion exchange reaction of(More)
Plasmonic vortices (PVs) are generated by focusing a radially polarized optical vortex (OV) beam onto a metal surface. The intensity distribution of the PV is registered with a near-field scanning optical microscopy and agrees well with a theoretical prediction as well as numerical calculation. Beside the dark central spot, the numerical calculation also(More)
This paper presents an approach to research the active suspension system under LQG control strategy through the method of co-simulation using ADAMS and MATLAB. For this approach, the dynamic model of 1/2 automobile suspension system is created in the ADAMS, and then the LQG controller of suspension system is established by MATLAB, taking the vertical(More)
We propose a structureless method for focusing surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on a flat metal film under illumination of radially polarized cogwheel-like structured light beams. Without metal structures, the locally induced SPPs can further be propagated following the predefined patterns to form symmetric focal spots with dimensions beyond diffraction(More)
In the present electromechanical system of concurrent and collaborative design, it is almost never related to decoupling design. Mechanical structure of electromechanical system has a decisive impact on matrix A. It can easily achieve the purpose to influence the rank of system coefficient matrix by changing system mechanical structure in order to provide(More)
This paper presents an approach to integrate structural and control parameters optimization for an active vibration isolation system based on the elitist strategy genetic algorithm. This method, which takes the total weighted root mean square of the acceleration of isolation platform, the dynamic deflection of isolation system and the dynamic displacement(More)
Plasmonic vortices (PV) excited by a highly focused radially polarized optical vortex (RPOV) beam on a metal surface are investigated experimentally and theoretically. The proposed method reveals a direct phase singularity and orbital angular momentum (OAM) transfer from an incident structured beam to its counterpart in surface plasmon with dynamic,(More)
This paper presents an improved adaptive genetic algorithm for integration optimization design of active vibration isolation system. During the operation of the algorithm, according to the individual fitness, the crossover rate and mutation rate make adaptive adjustments in accordance with the sigmoid function curve, and individuals of each generation are(More)
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