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Trans-2-phenylcyclopropylamine (referred to as PCPA hereafter, also known as tranylcypromine and Parnate) is used clinically as an antidepressant. Here, we use a new model-zebrafish (Danio rerio) to study the molecular mechanisms of its adverse reactions in vivo. Following a PCPA exposure (75 microM), embryos showed "sluggish" action (slow swim and slow(More)
In this paper, we present an improved DFT-based channel estimation method. The conventional discrete Fourier transform(DFT)-based approach will cause energy leakage in multipath channel with non-sample-spaced time delays. The improved method uses symmetric property to extend the LS estimate in frequency domain, and calculates the changing rate of the(More)
MIMO-OFDM system, which is the combination of MIMO and OFDM technology, can live up to a high data transmission rate with reliability through diversity. MIMO-OFDM with STBC has excellent performance against Multi-path effects and frequency selective fading, what's more, the BER and the coding complexity is low. In this paper, a simulation model of MIMO-OFDM(More)
Aiming at solving the problem of the transaction security in C2C E-commerce, a valuation model is proposed based on cloud model theory. By means of using the algorithm of the merger of the trust cloud and the similarity computing of the trust cloud, sub-attribute valuation and comprehensive valuation will be achieved. According to the valuation, the two(More)
We identified Ran-binding protein 17 (RANBP17) as one of the interacting partners of sperm maturation 1 (SPEM1) using yeast 2-hybrid screening and immunoprecipitation assays. Expression profiling analyses suggested that RANBP17 was preferentially expressed in the testis. Immunofluorescent confocal microscopy revealed a dynamic localization pattern of(More)
T This approach to create 3D interactive content on the HTML5 platform is complex. Currently, there are no toolkits to create such 3D content which can run at web browser without special plug. In recent years, the solution of around the problem to form in the main three models. From these specifications and standards starting, we compared principles of(More)
In order to achieve the purpose of cross-platform remote monitoring simply and conveniently, this paper has done a research on a remote real-time monitoring system accessed by browsers. A web server is established successfully in the embedded Linux operating system, which takes ARM-processor S3C2440 as the core of hardware. Users can monitor remote(More)
Real-time task now emerges in various reliable systems; however, most existing schedulers of real-time tasks are limited to fixed priority scheduling. A dynamic priority scheduling model is derived for the preemptive earliest deadline first scheduling of periodic real-time tasks in the real-time reliable system. Moreover, a heuristic algorithm is present(More)
majors in high-resolution remote sensing image classification and its application. Abstract: This paper proposes a generative model based semi-supervised learning method of remote sensing image classification , which makes use of both the labeled and unlabeled samples to handle the insufficient labeled training samples problems. We first train an original(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the therapeutic effects and mechanism of Salvia miltiorrhizae in the treatment of SAP and OJ. METHODS A total of 288 rats were used for SAP- and OJ-associated experiments. The rats were randomly divided into sham-operated group, model control group and treated group. The mortality rates of rats, contents of endotoxin and PLA(2) in(More)