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The Steiner tree problem (STP) is one of the most popular combinatorial optimization problems with various practical applications. In this paper, we propose a Break-out Local Search (BLS) algorithm for an important generalization of the STP: the Steiner tree problem with revenue, budget and hop constraints (STPRBH), which consists of determining a subtree(More)
Given an undirected graph with costs associated with each edge as well as each pair of edges, the quadratic minimum spanning tree problem (QMSTP) consists of determining a spanning tree of minimum cost. QMSTP is useful to model many real-life network design applications. We propose a three-phase search approach named TPS for solving QMSTP, which organizes(More)
Authors are encouraged to submit new papers to INFORMS journals by means of a style file template, which includes the journal title. However, use of a template does not certify that the paper has been accepted for publication in the named journal. INFORMS journal templates are for the exclusive purpose of submitting to an INFORMS journal and should not be(More)
Given an undirected graph with prizes associated with its vertices and costs associated with its edges, the prize-collecting Steiner tree problem in graphs (PCSPG) consists of finding a subtree of this graph, so as to minimize the sum of the costs of its edges plus the prizes of the vertices not spanned. In this paper, we propose a knowledge guided tabu(More)
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