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This paper describes the implementation of a sizable subset of OpenMP on networks of workstations (NOWs) and the source-to-source OpenMP compiler (AutoPar) is used for the JIAJIA home-based shared virtual memory system (SVM). The paper suggests some simple modifications and extensions to the OpenMP standard for the difference between SVM and SMP (symetric(More)
A new mobile robot prototype for inspection of overhead transmission lines is proposed. The mobile platform is composed of 3 arms. And there is a motorized rubber wheel on the end of each arm. On the two end arms, a gripper is designed to clamp firmly onto the conductors from below to secure the robot. Each arm has a motor to achieve 2 degrees of freedom(More)
The absorption properties of the water vapor continuum and a number of weak bands for H2O, O2, CO2, CO, N2O, CH4, and O3 in the solar spectrum are incorporated into the Fu-Liou radiation parameterization program by using the correlated k-distribution method (CKD) for the sorting of absorption lines. The overlap absorption of the H2O lines and the H2O(More)
The freeze-thaw damage thickness of concrete is very important to assess the damage of structures. Such research at present is relatively small. For quantitative analysis of freeze-thaw damage thickness of concrete structure, this paper conducted a quick freezing method, entraining concrete test beam is immerged with 3.5% NaCl salt solution to freeze test.(More)
A theoretical analysis is presented of sequential controller initiation (pre-check) and inhibition for concurrent operations within a formal Procedural Control Theory (PCT) framework. These aspects are essential to the safety and performance of multitasking sequential controllers at the design and operation stages. The pre–check mechanism ensures the(More)
The transmission coefficients and wave function of electron in single period of resonant phonon (RP) Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser active region were calculated with bias by Airy function substitution and transmission matrix methods, distribution of the electron wave function and relationship curve of quasi-bound level (Subband) and bias were obtained.(More)
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