Zhang De-xiang

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The electroencephalogram (EEG) is widely used by physicians for interpretation and identification of physiological and pathological phenomena. However, the EEG signals are often corrupted by power line interferences noise and EMG induced noise. These artifacts strongly influence the utility of recorded EEGs and need to be removed for better clinical(More)
A novel image fusion scheme for multi-band SAR images based on Directionlet transform is proposed. Firstly, multi-band images are decomposed into low-frequency coefficients and high-frequency coefficients with multi-scales and multi-directions using the Directionlet transform. For the low-frequency coefficients, the average fusion method is used. For the(More)
A novel and efficient improving PWF method of speckle reduction in polarimetric SAR image by fusion based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform is proposed. First, the three complex elements (HH, HV, and VV) of the polarimetric scattering matrix were decorrelated to form a new elements matrix. Then we show that the sub-band decompositions of the three(More)
We propose a novel and efficient SAR image despeckling via bivariate shrinkage based on contourlet transform, which has been recently introduced. Contourlet transform is a flexible multi-scale, multi-direction and multi-resolution image decomposition that can be efficiently implemented via transform. A bivariate shrinkage with local variance estimation is(More)
A method of single channel speech enhancement is proposed by de-noising using stationary wavelet transform. The approach developed herein processes multi-resolution wavelet coefficients individually and then recovery signal is reconstructed. The time invariant characteristics of stationary wavelet transform is particularly useful in speech de-noising.(More)
Contourlet transform is the combination of the multi-scale analysis and multi-directional analysis in processing high-dimensional signals and has better approximation precision and better sparse description. Firstly, Using the Contourlet transform, several polarimetric images can be decomposed into low-frequency coefficients and high-frequency coefficients(More)
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