Zhang Damin

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This paper proposes a novel 12-pulse hybrid-mode thyristor rectifier (HMTR) that can operate in either parallel mode or series mode with the help of a switch. No matter in which mode it operates, the proposed 12-pulse HMTR keeps the same pulses in the load current. It is designed to operate in parallel mode when low output voltage is required and in series(More)
This paper discusses the robust H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> control problem for discrete-time switched interval system. The multiple Lyapunov function method is combined with the Finsler's Lemma to generate several new results which provide extra degree of freedom for stability analysis and control synthesis. A new sufficient condition is obtained for the unforced(More)
As off-board battery charger for electric vehicles (EVs) has little limitations of weight, volume and power capacity, this paper introduces a new architecture for off-board battery charger. It is based on multi-pulse flexible-topology thyristor rectifier, which operates in series or parallel mode via flexible-topology switching, according to battery(More)
As the harmonic distortion has become a main concern due to the various nonlinear loads such as uncontrolled/controlled rectifiers being used in industry. The existing multi-pulse thyristor AC/DC converter usually has to operate in a narrow voltage range so as to obtain high power factor and low harmonic injection. This paper proposes a novel multi-pulse(More)
Abstract: Predictive current control strategy has captured much concern recently in power converters. As for the multi-pulse flexible-topology thyristor rectifiers (m-PFTTR), the symmetry of the input line-to-line voltages has great influence upon the implementation of the control strategy. Existing literatures have mainly focused on the implementation(More)
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