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This paper presents a wideband frequency-shift keying (FSK) demodulator suitable for a digital data transmission chain of wireless neural stimulation microsystems such as cochlear implants and retinal prostheses. The demodulator circuit derives a constant frequency clock directly from an FSK carrier, and uses this clock to sample the data bits. The circuit(More)
Hematite, a type of inorganic-sorptive medium, was used for the removal of U (VI) from aqueous solutions. Variables of the batch experiments including solution pH, contact time, initial concentration, temperature, calcium and magnesium ions were studied. The results indicated that the adsorption capacities are strongly affected by the solution pH, contact(More)
A modified DSP architecture, to accelerate motion estimation (ME) algorithms, is presented in this paper. The proposed SIMD and VLIW architecture is a trade-off between ASIC implementation and DSP implementation of ME, which can perform subtract, absolute and add (SAA.) operations on 8 pixels and fetch 8 new pixels from memory at the same time. A flexible(More)
The expression of serum and glucocorticoid-induced protein kinase in the renal cortex of diabetic rats was examined, and the function of signal transduction mediated by SGK1 in diabetic nephropathy and its modulation by fluvastatin were also investigated. 24 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into normal control group (n=8), diabetic nephropathy group(More)
A digital tuning self-calibrating on-chip termination resistor for high-speed SerDes is presented in this paper. An offchip reference resistor is used to adjust the on-chip resistor automatically through feedback. SAR logic is used for tuning, which shorts the tuning time. Special analog design is used to eliminate the offset of circuit and reduce the power(More)
Due to the weak signal energy of the backscatter link, traditional RFID communication is easily affected by noises, interferences, and interceptions from the environment. To solve the problem, a novel passive UHF RFID tag baseband processor enhanced with spread spectrum technique is presented in this paper. In addition, power-saving strategies are proposed(More)
Adenomyosis is generally treated by medicine and surgery; this study aims to explore the effectiveness of laparoscopic cytoreductive surgery combined with gestrinone on the treatment of adenomyosis. This is a retrospective analysis (Jan. 2008 to Apr. 2011), on 82 patients who were diagnosed with adenomyosis and accepted treatment, and who were divided into(More)
To investigate the role of connective tissue growth factor (CTGF) in transdifferentiation of human renal tubular epithelial cell (HKC),in vitro cultured HKC cells were divided into 3 groups: negtive control, low dose CTGF-treated group (rh CTGF, 2.5 ng/ml) and high dose CTGF-treated (rhCTGF, 5. 0 ng/ml). Then the expression of α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA)(More)