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It is well known that Green–Kubo formula is essential in understanding linear transport processes. However, its generality also arises great difficulties in practice. Since 1950’s there have been a few methods of calculating it, but they are all not the ab initio theory. Among these is the one imposed by Chandrasekhar then further developed by Mclennan,(More)
Because of the imbalances between the series-connected cells during the charging will greatly reduce the battery packs cycle life, charge equalization has become important consideration in the serially connected battery cells charging technology. To improve the unbalance of the series-connected battery packs and guarantee that the voltage of all battery(More)
3Dprinting is defined as the use of printing technology to deposit living cells, and biomaterials on a given /a substrate. Graphene oxide nanoparticles (GO-np) have been used as a delivery vehicle for small molecule drugs in order to investigate the state of GO-np within 3D tissue constructs in terms of a composite 3D printing scaffold, which in turn is(More)
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