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The key equipment of photovoltaic grid-connected system is photovoltaic grid-connected inverter; the output power quality is determined by the control method of inverter. Based on the model of a photovoltaic grid-connected inverter, this paper presents a new grid-connected inverter control algorithm that is iterative proportional integral algorithm, and(More)
In this paper, based on integrated vector method, a new efficient fault tolerant control methods has been proposed. According to the characters of windings of asymmetric distribution when stator phase fault occurs in the permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) propulsion systems, each stator current value and its phase condition have been brought(More)
In view of the problems of control system of air compressor, we study and design an unattended and intelligent control system of air compressor for supplying constant-pressure air. Considering the time delay of the control system of air compressor, a Fuzzy-PID controller was designed, which was based on PLC. PLC was the key equipment of the entire control(More)
Warship electrical power propulsion system is researched, multi-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor propulsion control system has expectant optimal dynamic performance under appointed condition, through modeling of screw propeller load application of inverse system methods of nonlinear system and optimization design of controller parameters, based on(More)
Square coaxial line has wide and practical applications to high power RF equipment, and solving its characteristic parameters is very important for engineering design. This paper presents a numerical method for inverse Schwarz-Christoffel transformations. No special initial value is needed and the convergence is guaranteed. The computational process is(More)
A new voice conversion approach is proposed based on improved GMM speaker model and short-time spectrum with synchronous prosody. Improved GMM speaker model which is trained by feature vector of original and target speaker can overcome over-smooth phenomenon. The short-time spectrum with prosody is composed of LSF parameter and pitch parameter. It can(More)
Fast Fourier Transform is quite effective in power harmonic measurement. But due to the spectral leakage caused by asynchronous sampling process, this method usually cannot achieve a satisfying accuracy. So the window and interpolation method is presented to improve it. In this paper, first the NUTTALL window is employed to decrease the long-range leakage(More)
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