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Study of the THGEM detector with a reflective CsI photocathode
The THGEM detector without and with a CsI has been tested successfully. The optimal parameters of THGEM have been determined from eight samples. The UV photoelectric effect of the CsI photocathode isExpand
Comparative studies of silicon photomultipliers and traditional vacuum photomultiplier tubes
Silicon photomultipliers (SiPMs) are a new generation of semiconductor-based photon counting devices with the merits of low weight, low power consumption and low voltage operation, promising to meetExpand
Modeling Method for Large-Scale Cultural Heritage Sites and Objects Using Real Geometric Data and Real Texture Data
A real 3D digital method for culture heritage sites and objects was proposed using 3D laser scanners and CCD cameras. Expand
A Monte Carlo Test of the Performance of Deposit Insurance Premium Structures: Based on the Risk Exposure of Commercial Banks
A deposit insurance system can induce moral hazard problems and result in more risk taking for commercial banks.To solve this problem,the deposit insurance premium structure based on risk has beenExpand
The traditional culture is the collective spirit of a nation's traditional culture and material culture and a basic element of national development.In the face of the new century,the modernization ofExpand
Design and Development Of The Free Surface Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning System
How to acquire 3D digital points rapidly、accurately、effectively is one of key issue in reverse engineering.The technology of 3D laser scanning is a better solution.Application and principle of theExpand
Experimental study on the performance of a single-THGEM gas detector *
A kind of thick GEM-like gaseous electron multiplier (THGEM), which is mechanically an expansion of the GEM with its various dimensions being enlarged, is studied. The leak current of THGEM plates isExpand
3D Reconstruction of Outdoor Scenes from Synchronized Laser Range Data and Visual Image Data
AbstrcatWe propose an engineering approach to creating 3D models of outdoor scenes from laser range data and visual image data.According to the features of TH-3DLCS-2001 Scanner which can capture theExpand
Recycle Technique of Laser Printer's Recycle Technique
This paper expatiated key technique and innovative idea for selenium drum's recycles technique, it has higher practicability and maneuverability. Expand