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In order to push the new voice-based mobile learning service more quickly and better and decrease the operating risk, employing the technology of the Voice eXtensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) as the service logic language, an independent VoiceXML-based Mobile Learning System (VMLS) is built, its hardware and software system structure design is achieved.(More)
Accent is a critical important component of spoken communication, which plays a very important role in spoken communication. In this paper, we conduct accent by using RASTA - PLP algorithm to extract short-time spectrum features of each speech segment based on sub-segment splicing information. We build short-time spectrum feature sets based on RASTA - PLP(More)
In this paper methods using the cities that have a top 50 population in the world as the target of study and a period of five years as the time interval of change were employed for finding out the laws of the dynamic change of the world's extra-large cities effected by geographic factors in the past six decades. The statistics pointed out that the factor of(More)
In September 2006, it was discovered that SK-II, one of Proctor & Gamble's (P&G) cosmetic products manufactured in Japan and sold in China contained prohibited components. P&G did not respond to this crisis proactively, however, and temporarily withdrew the product only after a series of confrontations with consumers. This paper discusses how a(More)
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