Zhang A. Long

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In this paper, the authors address three recent organizational crises that have occurred in China; the SK-II cosmetic incident, the Sharon Stone comment on the May 2008 earthquake in China, and the melamine milk contamination crisis. Each held significant notoriety due to the crises involving major companies and an assortment of negative outcomes. After(More)
Rang-Instaneous-Doppler (RID) processing is widely used in ISAR imaging of maneuvering target and acceptable image can be achieved when the amplitude modulation effect of scatterers echoes can be neglected during intergation time, whereas, the RID method based on the assumption above does not work properly when the variant amplitude modulation of(More)
In order to improve the ability to get rid of partial extreme spot and the diversity of population in evolution, the immunity mechanism of IA algorithm is imported into PSO algorithm to form IA-PSO algorithm. For the purpose of raising fault rate and shortening test pattern generation time, CA algorithm is imported into IA-PSO algorithm to form CAIA-PSO(More)
For maneuvering target exhibit roll, pitch and yaw motin, selecting the optimum imaging instant is very import for Rang-Instaneous-Doppler (RID) in ISAR imaging of these target. In this letter, a optimum imaging time interval selection method is proposed. The performance of proposed method is verified by comparing the result with the image produced by(More)
High resolution image of ship target under low SCNR condition is unable to be obtained by conventional ISAR imaging methods when long coherent integration time needed. To overcome this problem, a novel approach for imaging the ship target by airborne radar is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the generalized keystone formatting is applied to compensate the(More)
Anomaly traffic detecting using Netflow data is one of important problems in the field of network security. In this paper, we proposed an approach using MapReduce model, which was realized by means of the entropy observation and DFN (Distinct feature number) distribution deviations of traffic features under anomalies at small time scales. The MapReduce was(More)
To solve the difficulties of high calculation quantity and low precision in constructing an air transport network, the paper puts forward a kind of hybrid algorithm, which called Bayesian network model based conditional independence test and heuristic search (CIBNS, CI-based Bayesian Network Search). The new algorithm firstly makes use of the conditional(More)
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