Zhanbiao Li

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Development of technologies to mature oocytes in vitro is important for in vitro fertilization research. Here, we investigated the ability of preantral follicular granulosa cells (PAGCs) to restrain apoptosis and to promote the growth and meiotic resumption of immature murine oocytes in vitro. The oocytes of 55–65 μm derived from 12 to 14 days old juvenile(More)
The purpose of this study was to introduce a new method to elucidating the molecular mechanisms in ischemic stroke. Genes from microarray data were performed enrichment to biological pathways. Dysregulated pathways and dysregulated pathway pairs were identified and constructed into networks. After Random Forest classification was performed, area under the(More)
BACKGROUND Cardioembolic stroke (CES), which causes 20% cause of all ischemic strokes, is associated with high mortality. Previous studies suggest that pathways play a critical role in the identification and pathogenesis of diseases. We aimed to develop an integrated approach that is able to construct individual networks of pathway cross-talk to quantify(More)
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