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Blue noise point sampling is one of the core algorithms in computer graphics. In this paper, we present a new and versatile variational framework for generating point distributions with high-quality blue noise characteristics while precisely adapting to given density functions. Different from previous approaches based on discrete settings of(More)
Implicit functions have a wide range of applications in entertainment, engineering and medical imaging. A standard two-phase implicit function only represents the interior and exterior of a single object. To facilitate solid modeling of heterogeneous objects with multiple internal regions, object-space multiphase implicit functions are much desired.(More)
Rendering over the network is widely used in visualization related applications. In this paper, a novel network rendering method for large-scale digital models is proposed. It uses an extension of textured depth map, called Screen Instance Map (SIM) that stores sparse server rendered results and rebuilds in-between frames in the client. The server side is(More)
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