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Blue noise point sampling is one of the core algorithms in computer graphics. In this paper, we present a new and versatile variational framework for generating point distributions with high-quality blue noise characteristics while precisely adapting to given density functions. Different from previous approaches based on discrete settings of(More)
—We study the problem of using the GPU to compute the generalized Voronoi diagram (GVD) for higher-order sites, such as line segments and curves. This problem has applications in many fields, including computer animation, pattern recognition and so on. A number of methods have been proposed that use the GPU to speed up the computation of the GVD. The jump(More)
Rendering over the network is widely used in visualization related applications. In this paper, a novel network rendering method for large-scale digital models is proposed. It uses an extension of textured depth map, called Screen Instance Map (SIM) that stores sparse server rendered results and rebuilds in-between frames in the client. The server side is(More)
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