Zhan-Yu Li

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Peripheral nerve injury in a limb usually causes functional reorganization of the contralateral motor cortex. However, a dynamic process of the novel transhemispheric functional reorganization in the motor cortex was found in adult rats after transferring the seventh cervical nerve root from the contralateral healthy side to the injured limb. Initially the(More)
The purpose of our study was to establish the profile of cortical reorganization in whole BPAI on rats and evaluate changes of cortical reorganization after repair of the median nerve with the contralateral C7 root transfer. Forty adult SD rats underwent whole roots avulsion of left brachial plexus, among them 20 received contralateral C7 root transfer to(More)
It has been demonstrated that there could be long range interhemispheric reorganization between bilateral hemispheres after peripheral cross nerve transfer. Our previous studies found a striking dynamic process of interhemispheric functional reorganization in adult rats with cross seventh cervical nerve transfer. But it remains a question whether the(More)
BACKGROUND The restoration of sensory and motor function in brachial plexus root avulsion patients is a difficult challenge. The central nervous system plays an important role in sensory recovery after peripheral nerve injury and repair. OBJECTIVE To investigate the sensory restoration process after surgery at the cortical level in rodent models with a(More)
The rapeseed branch angle is an important morphological trait because an adequate branch angle enables more efficient light capture under high planting densities. Here, we report that the average angle of the five top branches provides a reliable representation of the average angle of all branches. Statistical analyses revealed a significantly positive(More)
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