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Video surveillance systems with image recognition and image tracking capabilities have a wide range of applications in the field of city protection, social security and public safety. In this paper, based on the analysis of image detection and tracking principles proposed image recognition based PID fuzzy control and tracking algorithm. First, the image on(More)
Covalent functionalization of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) was performed by using conjugated polymers with different monomers through nucleophilic addition of nitrogen anions to rGO. Three conjugated polymers containing tetraphenylethylene, carbazole, and phenyl groups were used, and as a result of π-π interactions and the "polymer-wrapping" effect, the(More)
It is assumed linguistic symbols must be grounded in perceptual information to attain meaning, because the sound of a word in a language has an arbitrary relation with its referent. This paper demonstrates that a strong arbitrariness claim should be reconsidered. In a computational study, we showed that one phonological feature (nasals in the beginning of a(More)
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