Zhan Qing Liu

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In order to establish the correlation between bone structure and age, and information about age-related bone changes, it is necessary to study microstructural features of human bone. Traditionally, in bone biology and forensic science, the analysis if bone cross-sections has been carried out manually. Such a process is known to be slow, inefficient and(More)
In order to get better recognition with tire-prints image, based on the fast Fourier transform algorithm for image margin, the tire-prints images standardization and registration Fourier transform method, in accordance with the final image to be identified with the standard value of the image corresponding points to determine whether the match, so as to(More)
Information technology has an important and expanding role in the delivery of high quality healthcare services. Until recently health informatics systems have generally been developed as independent centralized databases. With computing communications technologies now being introduced into major hospitals, many new information services can now be provided(More)
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