Zhan Lu

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Early detection of tumors can significantly improve the outcome of tumor treatment. One of the most frequently asked questions in cancer imaging is how many cells can be detected non-invasively in a live animal. Although many factors limit such detection, increasing the light emission from cells is one of the most effective ways of overcoming these(More)
Use of a base-free Pd(DMSO)(2)(TFA)(2) catalyst system enables the synthesis of six-membered nitrogen heterocycles via a Wacker-type aerobic oxidative cyclization of alkenes bearing tethered sulfonamides. Various heterocycles, including morpholines, piperidines, piperazines, and piperazinones, are accessible by this method.
A simple, highly-automated instrument system used for on-site detection of foodborne pathogens based on fluorescence was designed, fabricated, and preliminarily tested in this paper. A corresponding method has been proved effective in our previous studies. This system utilizes a light-emitting diode (LED) to excite fluorescent labels and a spectrometer to(More)
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