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Variations of plasma ACTH and corticosterone, as well as splenic macrophage activity and mitogen-induced cell proliferation, were determined in rats following 15 min of either the neurogenic stressor of restraint or by a purely psychogenic stressor consisting of exposure to a ferret. The effects of these stressors were assessed in two strains of rats that(More)
It is demonstrated that cell proliferation in response to mitogens, natural killer cell (NK) activity, and macrophage functioning of mice may be influenced by either a neurogenic stressor (footshock) or a psychogenic stressor (exposing the mouse to a predator, namely a rat). The nature and magnitude of the immune changes, however, varied across three(More)
Based on analyzing the service semantic description model, the paper concludes it dynamic that the relationship between services constructed presently. So when executing a static service combination, it needs a dynamic matching process; and with a dynamic service combination, it will form a complicated performing mode of dynamic service re-matching. In(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the possible effects of in vivo morphine (Mor) treatments on macrophage involvement in the mediation of reductions in T-cell functions. Male BALB/c mice were exposed to multiple sc injections of Mor in increasing doses twice a day for 4 days. T-lymphocyte proliferation in response to alloantigen was significantly(More)
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