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Since its introduction, frequent-pattern mining has been the subject of numerous studies, including incremental updating. Many existing incremental mining algorithms are Apriori-based, which are not easily adoptable to FP-tree-based frequent-pattern mining. In this paper, we propose a novel tree structure, called CanTree (canonical-order tree), that(More)
Puccinellia tenuiflora is a useful monocotyledonous halophyte that might be used for improving salt tolerance of cereals. This current work has shown that P. tenuiflora has stronger selectivity for K+ over Na+ allowing it to maintain significantly lower tissue Na+ and higher K+ concentration than that of wheat under short- or long-term NaCl treatments. To(More)
The maintenance of stem cell pluripotency or stemness is crucial to embryonic development and differentiation. The mechanical or physical microenvironment of stem cells, which includes extracellular matrix stiffness and topography, regulates cell morphology and stemness. Although a growing body of evidence has shown the importance of these factors in stem(More)
Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is able to restore motor function of spinal cord injured (SCI) patients. To make adaptive FES control taking into account the actual muscle state with muscular feedback information, torque estimation and prediction are important to be provided beforehand. Evoked EMG (eEMG) has been found to be highly correlated with(More)
Highlights: A model for calibration of a full-waveform, dual-wavelength terrestrial lidar (DWEL) couples a logistic telescope efficiency function with an inverse power function to provide apparent reflectance from intensity with range. Separate models for each laser are fitted together and constrained to provide dual-wavelength spectral fidelity with a(More)
Water-soluble low-molecular-weight (LMW) chitosan was prepared from enzymatic hydrolysis with efficient hemicellulase. The hydrolysates were separated by ultrafiltration membranes. A separated fraction with Mw more than 5x10(3) and with a degree of deacetylation of 58% was water-soluble in the free amine form. The intraperitoneal injection of LMW chitosan(More)
The effects of cadmium (Cd (II)) on absorption, excretion, and distribution of nickel (Ni (II)) were studied in rats using (63)Ni-NiCl(2) as radiotracer in the presence and absence of CdCl(2), through intraperitoneal injection (i.p.). The time-concentration curves in the blood were fitted with a two-compartment model. The peak time (t ((peak))) is 0.31 h in(More)
The physiological microenvironment of the stem cell niche, including the three factors of stiffness, topography, and dimension, is crucial to stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Although a growing body of evidence is present to elucidate the importance of these factors individually, the interaction of the biophysical parameters of the factors(More)
One of the challenging issues in computational rehabilitation is that there is a large variety of patient situations depending on the type of neurological disorder. Human characteristics are basically subject specific and time variant; for instance, neuromuscular dynamics may vary due to muscle fatigue. To tackle such patient specificity and time-varying(More)