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Since its introduction, frequent-pattern mining has been the subject of numerous studies, including incremental updating. Many existing incremental mining algorithms are Apriori-based, which are not easily adoptable to FP-tree-based frequent-pattern mining. In this paper, we propose a novel tree structure, called CanTree (canonical-order tree), that(More)
HAL is a multidisciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers. L'archive ouverte pluridisciplinaire HAL, est destinée au dépôt età la diffusion(More)
Recently, a special class of neural dynamics has been proposed by Zhang et al. for online solution of time-varying and/or static nonlinear equations. Different from eliminating a square-based positive error-function associated with gradient-based dynamics (GD), the design method of Zhang dynamics (ZD) is based on the elimination of an indefinite (unbounded)(More)