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A global optimization algorithm using linear relaxation
Various local optimization approaches have been developed for solving the non-convex quadratically constrained quadratic programs (QP). But up to now, less work has been devoted to solving globalExpand
Effects of Farming Density on Growth of Juvenile Coelomactra antiquata
From June to August 2002,at Shanton City Sea Breeding Center,under laboratory conditions,a research was Conducted on the juveniles Coelomoctra antiquata different farming density and its growth.ThatExpand
Wind Tunnel Simulation about the Effects of the Different Underlying Surfaces on the Features of Drifting Sand Current
In this paper, the effects of the different underlying surfaces on the structure of drifting sand current and the wind speed profile in the sand-moving region are researched by wing tunnel simulationExpand
Fouling organisms in culture pond water of Coelomactra antiquata and its prevention and control
To strengthen the water quality management, inprove the culture technology, and take the prevention as the dominant factor and combine with the control are the most effective methads to control the fouling organisms in Coelomaetra antiquata culture. Expand
Formative environment and dynamic process of a simple linear sand dune
The goal of this paper is to reveal the formative environments and dynamic process of linear dunes in hinterland of Tengger Desert,based on the three monitoring data and regional wind regime.TheExpand
Generalized Gradient Projection Interior Point Algorithm for Geometric Programming
In this paper, we firstly change the postive-type geometric-programming into the usual nonliner programming by making use of the dual theory; by integrating the general gradient-projection algorithmExpand
A Numerical Algorithm for the Minimal Eigenvalue and its Eigenvector of Z-matrix
Based on the relationship between the Z-matrix and the nonnegative matrix,proposed in this paper is a numerical algorithm for the minimal eigenvalue and its eigenvector of an irreducibleExpand
A New Accelerating Method for the Global Non-convex Quadratic Optimization with Non-convex Quadratic Constraints
In this paper,we combine a new global optimization method with a suitable deleting technique to propose a new accelerating global optimization algorithm for solving the non-convex quadraticExpand
Optimality Condition for Fuzzy Multi-objective Semi-definite Programming
This paper is the first application of fuzzy set theory to multi-objective semi-definite programming(MSDP),and proposes the fuzzy multi-objective semi-definite programming(FMSDP) model whose optimalExpand