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We describe a dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP) of the breast and briefly report about such cases previously mentioned in the literature. A 27-year-old woman was referred because of the progressive increase, during pregnancy, of a mammary nodule located between the internal quadrants of the right breast. Its clinical and radiologic features suggested a(More)
Most multi-agent system (MAS) testing techniques lack empirical evidence of their effectiveness. Since finding tests that can reveal a large proportion of possible faults is a key goal in testing, we need techniques to assess the fault detection ability of test sets for MAS. Mutation testing offers a direct and powerful way to do this: it generates modified(More)
This paper analyzes the conflict between performance enhancing technology and IPSec in satellite IP networks, and proposes a solution called multilayer IP security with changeable zone (CZML-IPSec). It enables licensed intermediate nodes not only access TCP header, but also object links of upper layer in the form of HTML by converting static zone mapping to(More)
Outlier detection is an important research problem in data mining and image analysis. In this paper, the ideas in the PageRank algorithm are borrowed to construct a novel outlier detection method. In this method, three detecting stages are performed to detect three different types of outliers by using different detecting strategies. The whole process is(More)
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