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Kachelmeier, and two anonymous reviewers, for their helpful suggestions and comments. Abstract Knowledge Sharing and Incentive Design in Production Environments: Theory and Evidence This paper develops and empirically tests a parsimonious model of how specific knowledge and the value of knowledge sharing influence manufacturing plants' incentive design(More)
In this paper, we first propose an implicit surface to B-spline surface haptic interface, which provides both force and torque feedback. We then present a new haptic sculpting system for B-spline surfaces with shaped tools of implicit surface. In the physical world, people touch or sculpt with their fingers or tools, instead of just manipulating points.(More)
This paper describes a virtual reality (VR) simulator, for the purpose of education, training and prototyping of telemanipulation of carbon nanotubes. Major challenges in interfacing a human operator with tasks of manipulating nanotubes via a haptic VR interface are outlined. After a review of previous efforts, we present the current state of our VR(More)
This paper presents several experimental techniques and concepts in the process of measuring mechanical properties of very soft tissue in an ex vivo tensile test. Gravitational body force on very soft tissue causes pre-compression and results in a non-uniform initial deformation. The global digital image correlation technique is used to measure the(More)
—This paper presents a VR toolkit for path planning and manipulation of nanotube. The toolkit is capable of modeling the interactions between an AFM tip and carbon nanotubes on a substrate surface and generating optimum and safe manipulation paths. In addition, haptic guides were designed to help the user to follow the calculated paths, to avoid obstacles.