Zhan Feng Ma

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Motion vector prediction (MVP) is an important issue in the hybrid block-based video coding. The more accurate MVP comes with the better coding efficiency in terms of bits reduction for motion vector (MV) and residual. This paper proposes an adaptive spatiotemporal MVP scheme for H.264/AVC. In the proposed scheme, a novel criterion is put forward and the(More)
AVS-M is the most recent video coding standard developed by the audio and video coding standard workgroup of China (AVS), which promises improved performance close to H.264/AVC with lower complexity. In this paper, complexity is estimated for macroblock-based AVS-M Jiben profile decoder based on theoretical analysis and extensive experiments on a(More)
This paper presents an adaptive quantization method by adjusting the rounding offset for scalar quantization adopted in AVS 1.0 part 2 zengqiang profile. The rounding offset is chosen adaptively based on minimum transform coefficients energy difference for quantization, and the transform coefficient energy difference is calculated by the sum of absolute(More)
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