Zhai Zhang

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Bio-inspired engineering system has the characteristics of self-diagnosis and self-repairing. Embryonics, new field programmable multi-celluar array hardware, is inspired by the Ontogeny of organism, contains the ability of fault tolerance with cell redundancy and corresponding reconfiguration mechanisms. Row/column elimination and cell elimination are the(More)
The properties of self-testing and self-repairing on chip are the ultimate objectives of digital circuit design. Inspiring from the reconfiguration characteristics similar to those found in biological cellular organisms, this paper presents a new digital circuit based on embryonic cellular array, which is capable of implementing self-repairing. The inner(More)
The high performance cryptographic chip is the core unit of the network information safety equipments. This paper proposes the design approach of the AES cryptographic system based on reconfigurable hardware, develops the method of key-sequence generation with the genetic algorithm that realizes different cipher key in every encryption round. The system has(More)
The paper presents an effective method for different-structure digital system based on on-line evolution with fault-tolerance technology. Integer-coding multistage evolution is used to design digital system and different-structure system is evaluated by using the knowledge of quad tree. Thus, the length of chromosome can be reduced and the degree of(More)
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