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Oithona brevicornis Giesbrecht (Copepoda, Cyclopoida) in harborages of the northeastern part of the Black Sea shelf
Cyclopoid species Oithona brevicornis Giesbrecht, a new species for the Black Sea, was found in zooplankton samples collected in autumn of 2005 and 2006 in the Novorossiysk and Tuapse ports of theExpand
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Oithona brevicornis Giesbrecht (Copepoda: Cyclopoida), invader into the Black Sea and in the Sea of Azov
The pattern of distribution and biology of a cyclopoid copepod Oithona brevicornis new to the northeastern shelf of the Black Sea was studied. Penetration of this species will probably change theExpand
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Taxonomic composition and interannual variations in numerical density of meroplankton in the Sea of Azov
This paper presents data on the taxonomic composition and dynamics of numerical density of meroplankton in the Sea of Azov. Studies performed in June 2003–2005 revealed benthic invertebrate larvae ofExpand
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Heterotrophic Nano- and Microplankton under Conditions of Anthropogenic Eutrophication of the Bay of Novorossiisk
Seasonal and long-term dynamics of heterotrophic plankton in the Bay of Novorossiisk are discussed. It is shown that specific variation in the biomass of nanoheterotrophs and infusoria is associatedExpand
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Marine biological invasions in waters of the port of Novorossiysk in the Black Sea
The results of the monitoring of ballast waters of commercial vessels and research on the ecosystem biodiversity of the Novorossiysk Port are reported. Data on structure of immigrant fauna, itsExpand
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New species of ciliates Tintinnopsis tocantinensis Kofoid & Campbell, 1929 (Ciliophora: Spirotrichea: Tintinnida) in the Black Sea
For the first time, Tintinnopsis tocantinensis Kofoid & Campbell, 1929 was recorded in the ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse in the Black Sea in October–November 2010. This tintinnid species isExpand
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The role of zooplankton in the functioning of the Taganrog Gulf ecosystem in the Sea of Azov
The taxonomic composition, distribution of biomass and seasonal variability of zooplankton were studied in various areas of the Taganrog Gulf of the Sea of Azov. The structural-functionalExpand
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Seasonal dynamics of micro- and mesoplankton of the Temryuk estuarial pelagic ecosystem of the Sea of Azov
The variability in the composition and dynamics of microplankton (ciliate) and mesoplankton in the Temryuk estuarial pelagic ecosystem has been studied at different stages of succession of theExpand
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Taxonomic composition and seasonal dynamics of the meroplankton of the coastal zone of the northeastern Black Sea
The composition and dynamics of the numerical density of meroplankton in the Bays and Seaports of the Northeastern Black Sea, viz., Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, and Anapa were studied in theExpand
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Heterotrophic bacteria, zooflagellates, and ciliates in coastal waters of northeastern Black Sea
According to the parameters of density and biomass of heterotrophic bacterioplankton, waters in the ports of Novorossiysk and Tuapse were eutrophic-hypereutrophic and in the resort cities ofExpand
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