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[Experimental selection of weakly virulent strains of Aujeszky's disease virus].
An attempt was made to select slightly virulent strains by consecutive passages in cell cultures and use of extreme dilutions applying the temperature test (heating up to 50 degrees C for 1 hour).Expand
[Physical methods (ultrasound) and disinfecting agents for decontaminating the water in poultry meat processing].
Productional and laboratory experiments were carried out to study the effect of ultra sound with a view to decontaminating the water in the vats for cooling poultry carcasses and skin cover as wellExpand
[Chemical and microbiological studies of the meat of broilers fed mixed feeds with a bacterial protein supplement].
Physico-chemical and microbiologic studies were carried out with meat of broilers that had been offered combined feed mixtures in which part of the soybean meal protein was replaced by microbial oneExpand
[The microflora in refrigerators].
[Cleansing and disinfecting the skin of calves in veal production].
Investigations were carried out at 6 meat producing combines on calves intended for slaughter. The animals originated from farms of different hygiene conditions. The studies aimed at establishing theExpand
[Use of the plaque method for isolating Aujeszky's disease virus from meat, organs and meat products].
  • Zh. Kunev
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  • 1977
Comparative virologic studies were carried out to isolate the virus of Aujesky's disease from meat, viscera, and raw smoked products by the plaque method as modified by Sullivan and Read as well asExpand
[Moulds in meat and preserved meat products during freeze storage].
[Comparative studies of methods for the diagnosis of Aujeszkh's disease].
The virologic studies of a total of 383 organs taken from 183 pigs using a rabbit as a test animal and cell cultures of chick embryo fibroblasts and pig kidney revealed that the per cent of theExpand