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In metazoans, most pre-messenger RNAs contain introns that are removed by splicing. The spliced mRNAs are then exported to the cytoplasm. Recent studies showed that splicing promotes efficient mRNA export, but the mechanism for coupling these two processes is not known. Here we show that Aly, the metazoan homologue of the yeast mRNA export factor Yralp(More)
Recent studies indicate that splicing of pre-messenger RNA and export of mRNA are normally coupled in vivo. During splicing, the conserved mRNA export factor Aly is recruited to the spliced mRNA-protein complex (mRNP), which targets the mRNA for export. At present, it is not known how Aly is recruited to the spliced mRNP. Here we show that the conserved(More)
Pheromone-stimulated haploid yeast cells undergo a differentiation process that allows them to mate. Transmission of the intracellular signal involves threonine and tyrosine phosphorylation of the redundant FUS3 and KSS1 kinases, which are members of the MAP kinase family. FUS3/KSS1 phosphorylation depends on two additional kinases, STE11 and STE7 (refs 2,(More)
  • S Herr, It Ngo, +23 authors Macaque
  • 2012
Cone synapses in macaque fovea: II. Dendrites of OFF midget bipolar cells exhibit inner densities similar to their outer synaptic densities in basal contacts with cone terminals. Cone synapses in macaque fovea: I. Two types of non-S cones are distinguished by numbers of contacts with OFF midget bipolar cells. Atomic structure of human adenovirus by cryoEM(More)
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