Zh. S. Sarkisyan

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ating the motor and cognitive functions of the brain continues to be discussed in the literature [3]. However, while the scientific literature contains many reports on studies of individual subcortical nuclei amongst the basal ganglia, there are very few data on the possible role of the entopeduncular nucleus (EPN) in higher nervous activity [6, 7]. The(More)
1. Animals with bilateral incomplete lesions of the globus pallidus “forget” previous electric shock punishment and in the same experimental situation behave as if they had not been shocked before. 2. Bilateral incomplete destruction of the globus pallidus disturbs the “remembering” of the sequence of alternation of food conditioned reflexes. 3. Bilateral(More)
reports on studies of the role of the entopeduncular nucleus (EPA) in the mechanisms of learning and memory [1, 3, 4], and these have not provided a complete description of the involvement of this deep brain formation in higher nervous activity. The aim of the present work was to study the effects of lesions to the EPA on the extinction of a conditioned(More)
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