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V.A.Balkanov, I.A.Belolaptikov, L.B.Bezrukov, N.M.Budnev, A.G.Chensky, I.A.Danilchenko, Zh.-A.M.Dzhilkibaev, G.V.Domogatsky, A.A.Doroshenko, S.V.Fialkovsky, O.N.Gaponenko, O.A.Gress, D.D.Kiss, A.M.Klabukov, A.I.Klimov , S.I.Klimushin, A.P.Koshechkin, V.F.Kulepov, L.A.Kuzmichev, Vy.E.Kuznetzov, J.Ljaudenskaite, B.K.Lubsandorzhiev, M.B.Milenin, R.R.Mirgazov,(More)
We review the present status of the lake Baikal Neutrino Experiment and present selected physics results gained with the consequetive stages of the stepwise increasing detector: from NT-36 to NT-96. Results cover atmospheric muons, neutrino events, very high energy neutrinos, search for neutrino events from WIMP annihilation, search for magnetic monopoles(More)
We present the results of a search for high energy neutrinos with the Baikal underwater Cherenkov detector NT-200. An upper limit on the (νe+ ν̃e) diffuse flux of E2Φν(E) < (1.3÷1.9) ·10 −6 cm s sr GeV within a neutrino energy range 10 ÷ 10 GeV is obtained, assuming an E behaviour of the neutrino spectrum and flavor ratio (νe + ν̃e) : (νμ + ν̃μ)=1:2.
We present results of an experiment performed in Lake Baikal at a depth of approximately 1 km. The photomultipliers of an underwater neutrino telescope under construction at this site were illuminated by a distant laser. The experiment not only provided a useful cross-check of the time calibration of the detector but also allowed us to determine inherent(More)
We present the results of a new analysis of data taken in 1998-2002 for a search for high-energy extraterrestrial neutrinos. The analysis is based on a full reconstruction of high-energy cascade parameters: vertex coordinates, energy and arrival direction. Upper limits on the diffuse fluxes of all neutrino flavors, predicted by several models of AGN-like(More)
V.Balkanov, I.Belolaptikov, N.Budnev, L.Bezrukov, A.Chensky, I.Danilchenko, Zh.-A.Dzhilkibaev, G.Domogatsky, S.Fialkovsky, O.Gaponenko, O.Gress, T.Gress, R.Il’yasov, D.Kiss(†), A.Klabukov, S.Klimushin, K.Konischev, A.Koshechkin, L.Kuzmichev, V.Kulepov, Vy.Kuznetzov, B.Lubsandorzhiev, R.Mirgazov, N.Moseiko, M.Milenin, E.Osipova, A.Pavlov, L.Pan’kov,(More)
We present the results of a search for high energy neutrinos with the Baikal underwater Cherenkov detector NT96. An upper limit to the flux of νe+νμ+ ν̄μ of E Φν(E) < 1.4 · 10 cm s sr GeV is obtained, assuming an E behavior of the neutrino spectrum. 1 E-mail:djilkib@pcbai10.inr.ruhep.ru
Measurements of optical properties in media enclosing Čerenkov neutrino telescopes are important not only at the moment of the selection of an adequate site, but also for the continuous characterization of the medium as a function of time. Over the two last decades, the Baikal collaboration has been measuring the optical properties of the deep water in Lake(More)