Zezhong Xu

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Lane detection, lane tracking, or lane departure warning have been the earliest components of vision-based driver assistance systems. At first (in the 1990s), they have been designed and implemented for situations defined by good viewing conditions and clear lane markings on highways. Since then, accuracy for particular situations (also for challenging(More)
Lane-border detection is one of the best developed modules in vision-based driver assistance systems today. However, still there is a need to improve for challenging road and traffic situations, and also a need to design tools for quantitative performance evaluation. This paper discusses and refines a method to generate ground truth for lane markings from(More)
The full covariance solution to simultaneous localization and map building based on extended Kalman filter requires update time quadratic in the number of landmarks in the map. In order to improve the computational efficiency, this paper reorganizes system state vector and system models. The state of mobile robot is redefined and represented indirectly. The(More)