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Highly hydroxylated triterpenes from Salvia kronenburgii.
1beta,2alpha,3beta,11alpha-Tetrahydroxyurs-12-ene, the most abundant compound in the extract, was found to be highly cytotoxic to renal, non-small cell lung, and breast cancer cell lines.
A New Clerodane Diterpene and Other Constituents from Ajuga chamaepitys ssp. laevigata
Abstract From Ajuga chamepitys ssp. laevigata, a new clerodane diterpene, ajugalaevigatic acid, has been isolated besides five known compounds, a diterpene, (13S)-15-hydroxylabd-8(17)-en-19-oic acid,
Toxicological evaluation of two children diagnosed as Munchausen syndrome by proxy.
Two toxicologically confirmed cases of Munchausen syndrome by proxy are presented, including a 16-month-old male and a 14-year-old female who had irregular blood findings and multiple hospitalizations.
Oleander Poisoning as an Example of Self-Medication Attempt.
This case represents the misunderstanding of herbal treatments by the community and promoting awareness of the potential toxicity of this plant among the public may help to reduce the incidence of poisoning due to Nerium species.
YASA DIŞI MADDE KULLANIMINDA GÜNCEL SORUNLAR: KATKI MADDELERİ Current Problems in The Use of Illegal Substances: Ingredients
Increasing of the contents and ratio of the adulterants in these illegal substances day by day, it should be considered that these additives should also be taken into account in the case of an unexpected death or permanent damage.