Zeynep Aytuğ

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Standard technique for free nipple reduction mammoplasty was described by Thorek in 1922. In contrast to its effectiveness, late postoperative results included insufficient projection of the breast and the nipple-areola region. We describe a modification of this well recognized technique in order to increase central mound projection and improve(More)
Aortic valve dysfunction may be the consequence of congenital malformation of the aortic valve. Unicuspid,'2 bicuspid,'-6 tricuspid,23 and quadricuspid68 aortic valves have all been described. We describe a patient who presented with cardiac enlargement caused by aortic valve incompetence and stenosis. Echocardiograms repeatedly showed multiple closing(More)
The most common etiology of nasal defects that require reconstruction is basal cell carcinoma, as well as squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. In reconstructing full-thickness ala nasi defects following excision of basal cell carcinomas, we present our technique of the nail enfolded local flaps which involves the harvesting of the nail plate and placing it(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this experimental study was to evaluate the use of a clinically available perichondrium graft as an adjunct to surgical tendon repair. METHODS Eight male New Zealand white rabbits of similar height and weight were used in this study. The left and right Achilles tendons were used as the experimental and control group, respectively.(More)
Microstomia is one of the most distressing results of burn. In this article, two cases presenting with microstomia following burn injury were revealed. In these patients, perioral and commisure defects due to burn were severe. The commissuroplasties were performed with a composite graft harvested and reshaped from the ear lobule. The oral aperture was(More)
Lagophtalmia can be a serious complication of facial paralysis. Gold weight application to the upper eyelid is one of the most popular and practical conventional techniques. However, displacement or extrusion are commonly encountered complications. In order to minimize these complications, we modified the original design of the gold weight. Our hypothesis(More)
Numerous appliances or methods have been used to manage perioral deep burns and resultant contractures, however, until now, no particular technique is considered to be the "ideal technique". In this article, a new modified design of an extraoral appliance, composed of polymethylmetacrylate and silicon sheet is introduced. Two female and one male patient of(More)